Standard and Modified Containers for Consumers, Corporations, Government and Military

At SCS we take the time to work with our customers so we have a complete understanding of what  their container needs are. Our goal is to provide answers to all their questions and educate them about the different sizes and conditions of containers available to them. We want our customers to be confident that they are purchasing the best container to suit their needs.


Shipping containers are a great solution for all your storage needs

Rather it be from furniture and antiques, to bicycles and lawn mowers, shipping containers are a great on site solution to the traditional task of driving  across town to your storage facility, gaining entrance to the storage locker then getting your items in or out of your locker. Sometimes just to realize you’ve forgotten to bring or take something. (Oh and by the way rent is probably due).

With the one time purchase of your shipping container SCS will solve that problem by dropping off your own personal storage container at your desired location on your property where access can be gained day or night at your leisure. 

If you find your needs have been met and no longer need your storage container call SCS and ask about our buy back program. This saves you the hassle of inviting strangers to your home to look at your container. Remember, we deliver to homes, farms, construction sites, ranches, churches and schools.

Shipping Containers

20 Ft. Standard Shipping Containers

Exterior: 20’L×8’W×8′.6″T Interior: 19′.3″L×7′.8″W×7′.9″ 7/8T

40 Ft. Standard Shipping Containers

Exterior: 40ftL×8’W×8.6T Interior: 39′.5″L×7’8″W×7′.9″ 7/8T

40 Ft. High Cube Shipping Containers

Exterior: 40’L×8″W×9′.6″T Interior: 39′.5″L×7’8″W×8’10″T

45 Ft. Standard Shipping Containers

Exterior: 45ftL×8’W×8′.6″T Interior: 44’5″L×7′.8″W×8’10″T

Refrigerated Shipping Containers with Working or Non Working Units

Modifications Available:

  • Custom Home/Office Conversions.
  • Windows and Skylights
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Insulation
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Locking Mechanisms
  • Shelving





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  • We offer discounts to senior citizens, schools, churches, animal rescue, veterans and active duty military, & hospitals.
  • Multi-box discounts
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With the growth of my business Im finding the need for more storage space. I came to the conclusion that shipping containers would be a fast and effective situation for our storage needs. I was referred to Superior Container Services from a close friend who works at GWFG (Golden West Food Group-a leading food distribution company located in Vernon, CA) He told me to call Superior Container Services because they were very professional and could fill any size order in a timely fashion. I ordered my first 10 containers, they were all delivered within 5 days. All the containers were in great condition and staged exactly where I asked them to be put. Over the course of the last 4 years I have purchased close to 100 containers and I am 100% satisfied. I would recommend them to any one. My business has at this time grown and the property we are currently on. So we are building a facility in Norco, CA. Because of this we no longer need our purchased containers and SCS has agreed to buy them back from me. How perfectly this has worked out.
Better Nutritionals
Sharon Hoffman- Founder & CEO